humming pt.30

The air has worsened, the water has worsened, rupiah has worsened.

But don’t worry, we’ve had bottled water, we will have canned air with flavors and aromatherapy, and wallpapers of nature so we can enjoy them on our digital  screens.



humming pt.22 – in color

_TPL0605 Coconut water with ice – 50 cents. Instant cappuccino with ice – 50 cents. Hot tea – I can’t recall, certainly less than 50 cents. Hanging out with friends at a roadside cafe by the sea – free. _TPL0607 And we sat there for 2 hours with nobody to hate us. _TPL0655 Merry (effin) Christmas you poor people… enjoy the holidays, and don’t let anybody make you pay for something you don’t need!