humming pt.19 – in color



walk, walk, walk…


Few Hours Before Midnight…

This was taken a few hours before midnight… while people were motoring to the city square for the countdown, I rode the opposite direction, had to do some errands. New year? What new year? I ended up sleeping through the night. The thought of staying up late for the fireworks just seemed so illogical to me… Perhaps I’m getting too old for even more things in life…

This facility is the newest addition to the port, with people talking about the late supply of products and the ensuing increase in prices, in 2012, we’re hoping for the better. Honestly, all we want that things get to be easier, in some aspects perhaps, but you have to admit that life is harsher by our own wrongdoing.

More work to come… oh and bytheway, happy new year.

port of pontianak on new year's eve
added facilities to the port of pontianak, promising increase in processing time