Humming Pt. 32: Last Lights of November



I always like inanimate things, they are not complicated to deal with in front of the lens… my bad.  The fuss actually came from my side… tripod with slow shutter? which lens? available light? on camera flash bounced? simple single off camera flash? which diffuser? multiple off camera lights?



For some of the last images, i just took everything down, snap on the prime… turned out I like them better than the rest.


food, available light and color balance.

I’m a skeptic when it comes to fancy restaurants. Sometimes I think consumers are being duped to think that they are buying the whole package, while in fact they are paying for the cost of business (the exclusivity and the chicness) “suffered” by the restaurant, while it has never been about the food and beverages.

But, be it as it may, I have to keep up appearances there sometimes, since some of us have the penchant to conduct meetings in such places… 🙂 well, I have to get used to it, just in case I’d get rich somehow, or find myself a rich wife… Anyhow, the chicken looked terrible, and the lime water… passionless to say the least.

Some say that to take pictures of food, it’s better to rely on available light. Well, that’s pretty much what I had, I wasn’t there to take pictures, so, no prep. In the name of simplicity, a prime lens is your only panacea when you have to bring your camera everywhere and you don’t have the privilege  to buy any of those fancy 2.8 zooms. When you are under limitations, you have to push some things. I ended up with such shallow depth of filed and high ISO marks.

The typical settings used for the series of photos I took at that time were:

1/40 – 1/60 @ f/2 @ ISO 1000 – ISO 1600

And oh those chic blue lights and fancy interior decorations, knowing that it was quite useless to do a quick assessment on white balance, I gave in to auto. I realized then that it was quite hard to find that 50% grey point, but I came close. Therefore I think, these are what the real colors looked like under the circumstance. At least I droll when I see these pictures, can’t say if it’s the imprinted sensation that lingers until today. I’ve seen blue leafs and toxic greenish chicken… they ain’t good.

But nevermind, didn’t I say that the chicken looked horrible? I wondered what had happened when they were slaughtered… perhaps it was just another case of bad knife (or bad cook?).

To sum it up, I can’t recall paying for anything, so really, I’m not in any position to complain.