i think i’m gonna sit there and be an imbecile…

… and then they will give me a menu of food and beverages without prices imprinted so they can shock me with a sheet of bill inflated way past Jupiter while I try to ponder whether to digest or to throw up… a hut by the ocean

Luckily I had some peanuts in my pocket.

a town revisited, the equatorial monument.

There are times when the available light looks so dramatic. It usually happens when the dark cloud is behind the object and the strong light of the sun hits the object. I just got off my bike for this one. A quick snap.


I live in a town where the horizontal line of the equator strikes through, which means that we have times when the sun is vertically right over our head, unbearable heat, and crazy humidity. There’s a celebration here related to the absence of shadow. The monument itself? Yeah, so so. See the building right under it’s feet? It houses the old and original, wooden monument. Around it there are posters explaining the history and all the mechanics of being on the line of equator.

It’s quite dusty inside, aside from the steady visits from visitors, domestic and foreign. The people inside? They look as if they can’t care less.