the pond

I'd rather call it a pond rather than a lake, I've seen lakes, they ain't nothin like this.
I’d rather call it a pond rather than a lake, I’ve seen lakes, they ain’t nothin like this.


Anyone who has seen this other post on my blog (I am under the assumption that people actually see my blog) might be familiar with this face of scenery. And I recall I used the term “lake,” well, scratch that.

So here’s a part of the pond, on the right side there were couples having double date, and on the left side, a friend of mine scouting for position to put his gear and make ready for those creamy water look, slow shutter landscape pictures… hence the composition… actually I just put the camera on my face, did those professional photographer poses, and push the button… nothing fancy.

To think of it, I’d rather had left my gear behind and simply use my phone’s camera… may be not.