Brown Waters 15

Under the vast blue sky, and a grand herd of clouds that moved gracefully towards the ranks of hills that stood in the distance, surrounding the plateau, forever waiting, the wise hermits unaware of the corruption upon their flesh. The gloom of impending demise was hanging, suspended in the air between the sublime beings.

To the north, there was a barren landscape, layered with white sands, sparsely covered by reeds. Trees are visible nigh to the region where the feet of the hills were situated.

To the east, closer to him, were huge mountains of polymer wastes. Colourful, yet inspire nothing but contempt. The scent of decay was oozing out from whatever substances clinging to every nook and cranny of the aliens, whose birth took place when human sucked dry the very blood of their mother. Liquid poisons were slipping into the white sand.

To the south west, there was a pond; engulfed by the plain of salt, almost completely devoid of vegetation save for the grasses by the side of it. The pond was of the shade of deep turquoise, and children were diving below the surface, inside the water.

Like a pack of dolphins, they glided. Their long black hair flowed according to their movement. They were laughing. Those grinning decayed teeth inside those mouths. But there was no sound save for the sound of the wind above the field.

The children were diving towards the farther side, sometimes they dived deeper, sometimes closer to the surface. Sometimes they dived along the edges of the pond, sometimes they dived in straight lines. But they never broke the surface.

Attracted by their carelessness, he inched closer. Alas, the side of the pond where he stood crumbled. He managed to jump back, but the circumstance gave his presence away. That was when the children became aware of him.

Then the most curious thing happened. The children swam in circles. Slowly and gradually, their epidermis peeled off, disclosing the dermis below it. The process continued, and the dermis also came off disclosing the hypodermis underneath.

Blood started oozing from their body.

Their hairs were detached, strand by strand.

Those that were once whole, became filaments that gradually merged with the molecules of the water.

Everything that was red became black.

Float and flowing in circle.

A mass of chaos.

The sudden presence of death.

The sublime beings disappeared, leaving human without any answer to their questions.


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