humming pt.2




2 thoughts on “humming pt.2”

  1. I don’t even know how to explain why I like this photo, but I know that I find it absolutely compelling. The half-hidden body, of course, is eye-catching, but also the shapes and textures of the cart itself, the peculiar goods hanging from it, the back end of the cycle, and then the background– so many unusual objects everywhere, plus a staircase leading up to who knows what other wonders….

    1. From my perspective, the man is the centerpoint, sleeping there leaning towards the chart, it’s not usual (it shouldn’t be), everything else is just background because i’ve been so accusstomed to them. It brings forth the issue of perspective. Give me a “mundane” picture of your world, and i might find a world of wonder there. And it makes life interesting. Thank you for the visit and the discussion… i’ll visit your place this weekend!

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