tumpal amateur paid journalists

At 1 a.m. in a car filled with exhaustion and the smell of durian, 4 hours from my bedroom, a reporter from a prominent (cough) national news channel said this: “Should the governor meet me, we would have an exciting conversation, just ask him, he knows me, we’re cool…”

Bro, just because you’ve had the time to ask 2 or 3 questions in a given moment with them almighties sneering and chuckling, it doesn’t mean that they love you, it’s just media service.

It’s just politic.

Now pipe down, I need some sleep, got things to do this morning.


2 thoughts on “Whatever…”

  1. Oh, saya punya cerita sejenis begini Mas, malah lebih un-classy menurut saya…face in the gutter bwanget saya sampe muak waktu itu. Kapan-kapan tak ceritain. Sek…muter-muter dulu liat pemandangan di sini…

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