colombo plan…


The image above was a test shot taken a few moments after I got out of the scouting car for that commotion right there…

But nevermind the commotion, this post is about the road.

The driver and the official who were at the same car with me told me that the road was built in the 60’s… or the 70’s, they were quite undecided. They said that it was a part of a big project led by a foreigner that the people had called Mr. Jack…

To my recollection, they called any white people as Mr. Jack, but I digress…

I was busy composing my head and stomach after about two hours of rock and dirt road, which was a part of about five hours car trip, which was considered fast, since the driver seemed to be oblivious about the presence of a decelerating technology called brake… so the story of the road just went down.

Back home, I caught the term Colombo Plan, did some wiki-ing and googling, but haven’t had much luck with the particular issue that I wanted to dig.

However, if the road is really that old, it will be just another testament (among countless others) of the crooked gameplay which we have as the base of our infrastructure development nowadays. Build the road today, and it will look like war zone road terrain in six months… some people get rich and buy some chairs.

Oh, and if my writing sounds vague… it is deliberately so.


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