in and around again

I have been ill, and this time, like a few times before, it came along the frightening grasp of fate. With every breath I took, came the realization of the end. I hate that fear, but when I passed through it, there’s a certain kind of respect. No it’s not about winning over it with the price of “another day”, I hate to laugh or even smirk on such winnings knowing that the next night, it may come and challenge me again, and it might win.

It’s about being alive again and reminded of how precious it is……

Anyway, I have been naughty, so I made amend by promising to fix some things, like exercises, sleep earlier… but, that’s life, we broke our promises and somewhere between our anxious breath there will be some more promises we throw out to the void.

Now, I start to work again, lights up again, and crank up those hours of CINEMIX on the speakers.


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