Creeping In…

…says an old song by Norah Jones…


I don’t want to go all philosophic here… those days are gone, along with everything that we thought substantial, like some serious readings, playing wooden boats in a tiny stream by the woods, spacing out on the roof under the clear sky…

Some people said changes happen, for better or worse. I say I’m on the face of another marketing gimmick… which I gladly fall into. Like the sky above our town these days… year in year out, I’m starting to feel like it’s a part of an annual festival, which is rather close since the “smog” dispersed the light from the vehicles and buildings, and makes the sky somewhat brighter… though certainly not clearer.

The New Mask

Some people at the intersection have been distributing this kind of mask. Well, it looks quite nice for a change. The square green one made us look like some sick people running away from hospitals… which can be quite disturbing for onlookers. Se here it is, crisis with style.

However, when I look around, I really doubt that this is a crisis, some people don’t even bother with masks, perhaps they have developed some additional filters somewhere in their lunge… perhaps we are on another stage of rapid evolution as a species, resulting in another kind of human more resistant to the so called “deteriorating quality of life” which is, in itself generally considered as a myth.

I heard no warning to stay cautious… well I actually heard no sign that we have a functioning local administration. Some people keep themselves somewhere between air conditioned as well as filtered cabin to air conditioned as well as filtered room… I’m exploring a more intimate relationship with my mask… boy! I do look a bit more handsome with half of my face concealed.


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